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Copying a Guest implies creating a new Guest identical to the original. The disk image associated to the original Guest will also be duplicated.

flexVDI Dashboard  allows to copy a Guest in a quick and easy way. Just open the context menu of the Guest you want to copy, and select "Copy"

A new window will be displayed. You must provide a name to the original Guest along with its description. You can also copy the original Guest UUID. Once you're done, press "Finish".

When you select Copy UUID, an identical copy of the virtual machine will be created. This is useful to back up machines, that will be used to replace the original machine, but can be problematic if both Guests are used at the same time. as there is software that uses the uuid as an identifier to distinguish one machine from another one.

In the left area of the main window of flexVDI Dashboard, you'll see the new copy of the Guest. It will be assigned to the same Pool as the original machine.

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