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Request contentsPoolCreate Object
Successful answerTaskResult Object
Unexpected errorHTTP 500

PoolCreate Object


retriesStringNumber of times this task will be retried, in case of an error
typeStringTask type identifier. In this case, "pool_create"
pool_idStringUnique identifier for the new Pool
descriptionStringUser defined field
host_listString ArrayList of Hosts that provide resources to this Pool
required_vcpusIntegerNumber of vCPUs required by this Pool
required_vramIntegerAmount of vRAM (GB) required by this Pool
granularity_vcpusIntegerNumber of vCPUs reserved at each iteration
granularity_vramIntegerAmount of vRAM (GB) reserved at each iteration
priorityIntegerPool's priority for resource reservation, being 1 the highest, and 5 the lower

JSON example

    "repeat": "0",    
    "retries": "0",
    "type": "pool_create",
    "pool_id": "testpool",
    "description": "Testing pool",
    "host_list": [ "flexpre04", "flexpre03" ],
    "required_vcpus": 2,
    "required_vram": 2,
    "granularity_vcpus": 1,
    "granularity_vram": 1,
    "priority": 3
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