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In order to create a new external Volume you first need to define an Image Storage which will logically contain the Volume. Information about Images Storages and general concepts about storage objects in flexVDI can be found in Configuring storage objects.

Right-click on the Image Storage where you want, select it and it in order to access the drop-down menu. Select "New External Volume" and the following window will be displayed:

In this window you must provide a name for the new volume . Then press "Next".

In the following step you must define the directory where you want to define your Guests.

Remember this directory must be visible for all the Hosts and have the same path for all of them. Otherwise, Host without access to the external volume, won´t be able to run Guests with disks on it.

 You need to define the mount point and then press "Finish". The External Volume is now created and it will be displayed in the left area of the flexVDI Dashboard as a new branch of the Image Storage:

In the right part of the window you'll see information regarding the new External Volume:

This information includes:

  • Used space
  • Free space
  • Mount Point
  • Status messages
  • External Volume state
  • Disk Images stored in the External Volume
  • External Volume storage usage graphs
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