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Request contentsEmpty
Successful answerObject related to this Task type
Non-successful answerErrorMessage Object
Unexpected answerHTTP 500

Common fields for all Task types


task_idStringTask's unique identifier
executionStringDate and time when the task finished running
stateStringCurrent state. Either "running" or "completed"
retriesStringNumber of times that, in case of error, the task will be retried
current_tryIntegerCurrent execution iteration
resultStringTask result. Either "error", "success" or "pending"
result_msgStringMessage related to Task result

JSON example

    "execution": "2016-02-03 16:58:03",
    "state": "completed",
    "retries": "0",
    "result": "success",
    "task_id": "86725e2d-6277-434e-84ad-4d5d174f405f",
    "result_msg": "Guest started successfuly on host flexdev01",
    "current_try": 1
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