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This interface will be connected to one of the virtual bridges created on the Host with flexvdi-config during server installation and configuration. In this example installation, we will select virbr0 and click on Finish.

In a more advanced configuration, the VLan configuration can have the following values:

  • none: This is the simplest configuration, and the one used when there is no VLAN in place, or they are only visible by network hardware, but not in virbrX. The port of the virtual bridge that is connected to the Guest sends/receives untagged packets.
  • access: You have to configure the VLAN_ID in the textbox. VirbrX sends/receives packets with the given "VLAN_ID" from the network, and sends/receives untagged packets to the Guest. This is equivalent to configuring a hardware switch port in access mode, hence its name.
  • trunk: You have to enter a list of comma separated VLAN_ID's  in the textbox (something like "1,23,60", or "5" if there is only one id). The packets that belong to one of those vlanś will be passed unmodified to the Guest, which will need to be configured properly to access those networks. This is equivalent to configuring a hardware switch port in trunk mode.

All these settings can be changed later (before or after installation of the Guest O.S.), if a different resource set is required. Now click "Next".