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These shortcuts are also shown when flexVDI Client menu is active.


Logs generated by flexVDI Client are stored in two files that can be found entering "%APPDATA%\flexVDI Client" (without the quotation marks) in the address bar of Windows Explorer.

The detail level of the generated logs is configurable using the "-v" parameter when running the program from the command line interface, of adding it in the "target" field in the shortcut.

  • -v0: No log generated.
  • -v1: (default value). Only errors and warnings are registered.
  • -v2: Some aditional information is regestered.
  • -v3: Highest level of application logging. Generates a lot of output.
  • -v4: Highest level of application and libraries logging. Generates a lot of output.

The command for launching fleXVDI Client (in its default installation path) with the highest log level is:

"C:\Program Files (x86)\flexVDI Launcher 2.2\bin\flexVDI Client.exe" -v4

Automated installation

flexVDI Client for windows can be installed by an script. First read the license agreement, and then run the following command (with administrative privileges to avoid the UAC dialog):