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The three buttons in the top right corner let you toggle full-screen, minimize, or close the window, even on full screen mode, when there is no window bar with the equivalent buttons.

Keystrokes with effect on the virtual machine

When flexVDI Client for Windows is the focused application, most keystrokes are sent to the virtual desktop. Specifically, ALT, CTRL and Windows key are inhibited in the local machine so that the user has a better immersive experience in the virtual desktop. So ALT + TAB, ALT + F4, and other shortcuts make effect in the virtual machine, and do not make flexVDI Client to lose the focus in the local machine.

Keystrokes with effect on the local machine

Some keystroke combinations are not sent to the virtual desktop, but make effect in the local windows machine.

  • Windows Secure Access Sequence (SAS): CTRL + ALT + Del. This sequence can not be inhibited by MS Windows design and is handled by the local Operating System.
  • "Windows key + CTRL + left/right" and "Windows key + tab": This shortcuts are not inhibited and are executed on the local desktop. Since 2.2.19.

Sending special keystrokes to the virtual machine

You can send some keystrokes, like Windows Secure Attention Sequence Ctrl+Alt+delDel to the Guest, from the menu, instead . Instead of typing them. Use , use the buttons in the top part of the menu.

Shutdown the virtual machine