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  1. It is distributed as a bunch of RPM packages, through a yum repository, that can be installed on either Red Hat Enterprise Linux 7 or CentOS 7. There is no more installation media, just an easy installer that will configure everything for you.
  2. Many of the components it is based on have been upgraded:
    1. QEMU/KVM 2.69.0, based on RHEV 7 packaged version, with small additions.
    2. libvirt 3.2.0, as shipped by RHEL 7.4.
    3. SPICE server 0.12.8, based on RHEL 7.4 packaged version, with small additions.
    4. OCFS2 1.5.0 and OCFS2 tools 1.8.5.
  3. You can now review your support contract and your user licenses through the flexVDI Customer Portal. Then, easily assign them to your platform through flexvdi-config.
  4. Many small improvements:
    1. Support for USB3 devices.
    2. Fine-grained RAM allocation in megabytes instead of gigabytes.
    3. Support for hugepages where available.
    4. Legacy options have been removed.
  5. Soon to come: flexVDI HTML5 Dashboard!!