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Then, in one of your hosts, install the flexVDI Manager 3.0 and recover your database backup following these steps:

  1. Install the Manager instance, but stop after changing the default password.


    DO NOT register your hosts at this point. During registration, the hosts and the manager share some keys, and they will not match after you restore the database backup in the next step. If you accidentally register one or more hosts at this point, you will have to register them again later. To do that, first stop the flexvdi-agent service and delete the file /etc/flexvd/flexvdi-agent-key.

  2. Restore the database backup, as explained in the advanced host configuration guide.
  3. Finish the Manager installation process by registering all your hosts again with the new Manager instance, and install your user licenses.
  4. Recreate the OCFS2 cluster configuration as it was in the 2.2 installation, so that Volumes can be mounted again.
  5. Enjoy your new flexVDI 3.0 platform!!