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  • Name of the new Desktop Policy.
  • Template that will be used to create users' desktops. Every time a new desktop is needed, a clone of this template will be created.
  • Pool from which resources will be taken. New desktops will consume resources (vCPUs and RAM) from this pool. If not enough resources are present in the pool for new desktops, the VDI session will fail and an error will be returned to the client.
  • Image Storage and Volume that will contain the differential images of the clones. You can select ones you created, or the default local storage. The default location is in the directory /var/lib/flexvdi/volatile, in each host. This directory is local to each host, not shared, so while clones can be started in any Host, they cannot migrate to a different one. For volatile desktops, that have a short lifespan and do not need to migrate, mounting this directory in fast local storage is a good alternative to more expensive shared storage.
  • Number of precreated guests. This is the number of cloned desktops that will be created and started in addition to the desktops already in use. When a new user connects to the VDI platform, one of the precreated desktops will be assigned to them, ready to be used, greatly improving the user experience. Then, new desktops will be precreated in the background to keep up with this number.
  • Disable precreation at. This is the maximum number of desktops that can be created with this Desktop Policy. The number of desktops currently in use and the number of precreated desktops cannot be greater than this number. In that case, the number of precreated desktops will decrease.
  • Sysprep file. Location to a file (relative to /var/lib/flexvdi/local in the hosts) that will be passed to the new desktops to initialise them with the Windows Sysprep utility. If that location starts with a the path to an executable or script file is written here followed by the pipe symbol (|), it must point to an executable or script file, and the output of running it will be run and its output will become the content of the file copied into the Guest.
  • Windows domain. This domain is passed to the virtual desktop along with the username and password so that the SSO plugin can automatically log into a Windows session.