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For Apache, you need at least Apache 2.4 and the mod_proxy_wstunnel module.

Giving a single entry point to several flexVDI platforms

Some large sites have several flexVDI managers orchestrating several flexVDI installations.

A flexvdi-gateway can act as a single entrypoint for several flexVDI managers, provisioning the flexVDI manager IP for each end user in his ldap entry.

To achieve this, also populate the following entries in  etc/flexvdi/flexvdi-gateway.conf

Code Block
  "LDAPServer": "",
  "LDAPPort": 389,
  "LDAPUsername": "",
  "LDAPPassword": "",
  "LDAPBaseDN": "",
  "LDAPSearchRDN": "",
  "LDAPAttribute": "",
  "LDAPOneShot": true,
  "LDAPFallback": true,
  "LDAPCacheSecs": 3600
  • LdapServer: It must contain the IP address or name of the ldap server.
  • LDAPPort: Port lisening to ldap requests.
  • LDAPUsername: Bind user to request to the ldap. It must have read access to the pertinent branch of the ldap server
  • LDAPPassword: Passowrd used to athenticate to LDAPUsername.
  • LDAPBaseDN: Branch of ldap to search for the user.
  • LDAPSearchRDN: ldap attribute used as username for searching the end user
  • LDAPAttribute: The attribute in the ldap user entry that stores the flexVDI manager IP or host name assigned to this user.
  • LDAPOneShot: Search for the user only immediately under LDAPBaseDN
  • LDAPFallback: If ldap search for theLDAPAttribute gives no result, for instance because it is empty, or deos not exist for the user, fallback to the "ManagerIP" value in the flexvdi-gateway.conf as default
  • LDAPCacheSecs: Number of seconds to cache the ldap data in the flexvdi-gateway, to reduce ldap server load.