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In previous chapters we have set up the disk storage elements required for our new virtual machine.

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We are now ready to create a Guest. But first, do not forget to copy the installation media of your preferred operating system to the Media Storage. Then, open the "Guest/Host/Pool" section of the tree view, and right-click on the pool where you want to create the Guest. Click on the "New Guest" command.


Congratulations! You have successfully created your Guest, and you have opened its system console. You can proceed with the Operating System installation now. Check the chapter on how to Improve performance of Windows guests for specific notes about this operating system.


"Open console" needs to open a network connection to a port > 5899 (like 5900, 5901, 5902, ...) of one of the flexVDI Hosts (the one that is running this virtual machine).

If the guest console window is not opened in a few seconds, check that there is network

The guest tools

flexVDI offers the flexVDI Guest Tools. This software significantly improves the user experience providing features and improved performance. When you complete the installation of the O.S, with your machine still running, you can right click on the Guest in flexVDI Dashboard, and then click on the "Insert Tools" command. A dialog will offer you to select a virtual optical drive where to insert the guest tools ISO image; if the drive is in use by another image, they will be swapped. This will insert a virtual optical disk in the machine that will start the installation of the software. Alternatively, you can download the latest version of the software from