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You can send some keystrokes, like Windows Secure Attention Sequence Ctrl+Alt+Del to the Guest, from the menu. Instead of typing them, use the buttons in the top of the menu.


Shutting down the virtual machine

In the first line of the client there are three buttons that send power actions to the Guest:

  • Reset: equivalent to pushing the "reset" buton button on a physical PC. The Guest will be abruptly shutdown and restarted.
  • Shutdown: equivalent to pushing the "shutdown" button on a physical PC. It will orderly shutdown the machine in most situations.
    • Unplug power: equivalent to removing the power plug in a physical PC. It will abruptly shutdown the Guest. The flexVDI system administrator can configure Guests to "Run always", so it may
    • immediately restart. Using flexVDI Client to connect to a Guest will start it too.

Follow me printing

flexVDI Client lets you share your locally installed printers with your Guest. In the menu, you will see a list of locally installed printers. Click on one of them, and the printer will be connected to the Guest. It can take several seconds to the Guest to detect and install the drivers for the printer, specially on Guest running old operating systems.