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  • flexvdi.desktop_broker.demo: Boolean, default false. This flag activates the demo mode, in which a certain username is considered as if no authentication was used. Useful for showcasing and guest users.

  • flexvdi.desktop_broker.demo_username: String, default "flexvdi". If demo mode is activated, this user is not authenticated against the LDAP server, and is considered as if no authentication was used, e.g. a guest user.

  • flexvdi.desktop_broker.demo_password: String, default "". Password for the demo user. If empty, any password is valid.

  • flexvdi.desktop_broker.clone_name_pattern: String, default "${t}-volatile-${r}". A pattern to name cloned desktops after, with placeholders that are replaced with actual desktop properties. Valid placeholders are:

    • ${d}: Desktop Policy name that created the clone.
    • ${t}: Template name from which the clone comes.
    • ${p}: Pool name from where resources are being taken.
    • ${w}: Windows domain configured in the Desktop Policy.
    • ${i}: Image Storage name where the clone images are stored.
    • ${v}: Volume name where the clone images are stored.
    • ${r}: A random string with 8 alphanumeric (lower-case letters and numbers) characters.
  • flexvdi.host_agent.fail_threshold: Int, default 60. Number of seconds after which a host that is not responding becomes unavailable.

  • flexvdi.host_agent.port: Int, default 9443. TCP port where flexVDI Agents are listening to.

  • flexvdi.host_agent.use_ssl: Boolean, default true. Use TLS when connecting to the flexVDI Agents.

  • flexvdi.spice_port_base: Int, default 5900. First Spice port to assign.

  • flexvdi.spice_port_num: Int, default 100010000. Number of Spice ports to assign, in sequence. So, the last port is spice_port_base + spice_port_num.

  • flexvdi.hw_address_base: String, default "02:f1:00:00". First four octets of the MAC addresses of the virtual machines. MAC addresses are then assigned by varying the last two octets (65534 addresses). When the Manager is installed for the first time, this parameter is initialized to "02:f1:00:id", where id is the instance id of the platform. This avoids MAC address collisions between flexVDI platforms in the same subnetwork.

  • flexvdi.hw_address_num: Int, default 1000. Maximum number of MAC address to assign.

  • flexvdi.secure_server: Boolean, default false. If this flag is set to true, the environment is considered "secure" and no authentication is required for API calls. For debug purposes only.

  • flexvdi.db_name: String, default "flexvdi". The name of the MongoDB database. For debug purposes only.