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  • The copy and paste buttons, USB devices dropdown, printers dropdown and power buttons do not appear when the respective features are disabled by the flexVDI platform for the current desktop.
  • The copy and paste buttons are visible only if automatic clipboard sharing is disabled (it is enabled by default).
  • The USB devices dropdown does not appear in Mac OS, because USB redirection is not supported in this platform.

Clipboard sharing

FlexVDI Client supports clipboard sharing with virtual desktops when the flexVDI Guest Tools are installed in the guest. Both copying from and pasting into the guest is supported, and can be disabled independently by the platform. By default, clipboard sharing is automatic, so you can just press Ctrl+C in the virtual desktop and Ctrl+V in the physical desktop, and the contents of the clipboard will be transferred automatically. If you do not want this to happen, or it is working erratically (this may happen if you have a clipboard manager installed in either side), automatic clipboard sharing can be disabled with a configuration flag, which are discussed later in this document. In that case, the copy and paste buttons are shown in the toolbar so that you can decide when to share the clipboard.

Clipboard sharing only supports certain basic types of data, like text and images. Copying whole files or directories is not supported, for that operation see the "File drag'n'drop" and "Shared folder" features later in this document.

Sending keystrokes

When the desktop presentation window is the active window, most keystrokes are sent to the virtual desktop. In particular, the Alt, Ctrl and Windows keys are inhibited in the client desktop so that the user has a better immersive experience in the virtual desktop. So combinations like Alt+Tab, Alt+F4, and other shortcuts are passed to the virtual desktop, and do not make the flexVDI Desktop Client lose the focus in the client desktop.