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  • Templates can be updated frequently.
  • Fatal errors can be easily recovered by recycling the desktop.
  • Frequently recycling makes the differential images small.


Which network ports should I open in my hosts' firewall?

A: You must make TCP ports 22, 443, 7777, 9443, 5800 and 5900 and up reachable from your other hosts in the platform. Of these, only TCP 443 must be reachable from the outside to communicate with the flexVDI clients.

Q: I just configured an iSCSI volume and it showed as /dev/sdx, reachable by all hosts of an Image Storage, why is it not shown in the Dashboard?


And the flexVDI Host will update its device list without disturbing end users or virtual machines. The information will be automatically propagated to flexVDI manager and flexVDI dashboard in some seconds.