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Q: flexVDI Client disconnects seconds after connecting to the guest.

A: The connections between flexVDI Client and the flexVDI Hosts that serve the virtual desktops are encapsulated in websockets that use https. In the datacenter, it is common that these connections go through a reverse web proxy that can drop inactive connections. For instance, a nginx web proxy with default configuration closes connections that have not had traffic for more than 60 seconds. Firewalls can exhibit the same behavior.

If this is your case, you can configure your network infrastructure to stop dropping these connections.

Alternatively, you can configure flexvdi-gateway to periodically generate network traffic, avoiding the detection of inactivity, performing the following steps:

  • In every host executing flexvdi-gateway, edit file /etc/flexvdi/flexvdi-gateway.conf adding a line (beween the other options) with the following content to send a packet every 15 seconds:

    Code Block
     "KeepAlive": 15,

  • Then restart the flexvdi-gateway with:

    Code Block
    service flexvdi-gateway restart

The restart will drop the connections being served by the flexvdi-gateway, but does not affect the virtual machines.