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Request contentsImageCreate Object
Successful answerTaskResult Object
Unexpected errorHTTP 500

ImageCreate Object


retriesStringNumber of times this task will be retried, in case of an error
typeStringTask type identifier. In this case, "image_create"
image_idStringUnique identifier for the new Image
image_storage_idStringUnique identifier of the ImageStorage which contains the Volume indicated by volume_id
volume_idStringUnique identifier of the Volume where the Image will be created
size_mbIntegerSize of the new Image, in MB

JSON example


    "repeat": "0",   
    "retries": "0",
    "type": "image_create",
    "image_id": "test",
    "volume_id": "home_flexvdi",
    "image_storage_id": "local",
    "size_mb": 1



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