flexVDI Dashboard lets system administrators manage the flexVDI platform. These are the kind of objects that can be found in flexVDI.


Host: physical servers included in the virtual platform. Hosts provide computing resources (CPU and RAM) to the platform.

The following operations can be performed on a Host from flexVDI Dashboard:


Guest: virtual machines created from flexVDI Manager.

Related tasks:


Pool: group of Guests. Pools reserves the Hosts resources for the Guests included in them.

Image Storage

Image Storage: it is a logical space of storage for disk images. Image Storages are created in a set of Hosts that are able to access it. It contains Volumes.

Volume: It is a logical partition of an Image Storage, implemented using a bunch of different technologies. Guest disk images are stored in the Volumes.

Related Tasks:

Media Storage

Media Storage: an ISO image repository. Those files can be mounted by Guests, appearing as read only optical discs.

Related Tasks:

Direct Storage

Direct Storage: Provides Guests with direct access to physical disks. Those disks will only be visible from the Hosts that have been selected for that purpose, and the disks will always be available for the Guest

Related tasks:


Task: actions carried out by flexVDI Manager. In the task view you can find the list of tasks executed by the manager. Each entry provides the following information:

Tasks are shown under four tabs: